Sermons and Special Music:

Sermon A Little Faith Can Move A Mountain

Clean By Lori Wynn

Foundations Class David And Goliath

Sermon What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

A Little While by Daniel Wallace

Foundations Class God Calls David As King

Sermon Why Do We Do What We Do

Foundations Class Trusting God

Sermon What’s Important In Our Lives

It Will Be Such A Great Day When We All Go Home

VBS 2017 Camp Out

Sermon I Want To Be Like Jesus

Don’t Forget To Praise His Name Lori Wynn

Foundations Class Exodus From Egypt

Sermon No Greater Love

He Came For Me Daniel Wallace

Somebody Died For Me

Foundations Class The Promises Of God

Sermon A Challenge To Our Seniors of 2017

The Anchor Holds By Thomas Parker

Honoring Our Senior Class Of 2017

Foundations Class Joshua, Caleb, and the Spies

Sermon A Tribute To Mothers

How Great Thou Art by Kasey Robertson

Foundations Class Worship In The Tabernacle

Sermon Sin Hinders God’s Work

I Am A Child Of God Mary Eagon/Grace Henderson

Foundations Class The Ten Commandments

Sermon Who Is Worthy To Be Praised?

The Lucky One’s by Keith Wynn

Foundations Class The Exodus From Egypt

Sermon Who Is Worthy To Be Praised?

God Is Good All Of The Time by Eric Sims

Foundations Class Plagues & The Passover

Celebration Of Faith

Sermon What Kind Of King Are You Looking For?

Broken & Spilled Out By Pastor Dwayne James

Foundations Class Moses Was Saved

Guest Speaker Randy Riggs

Easter Cantata His Passion – Our Salvation

Nail It To The Cross Becky A.

Palm Sunday Sermon Jesus’ Passion & Why He Came (3/20/16)

How Great Thou Art Sang By Pastor Dwayne James (3/20/16)

Palm Sunday Bible Recitations & Song By Youth (3/20/16)

Foundations Class Christ’s Passion – We Were His Passion (3/20/16)

Bible Study Putting On The New Man (3/13/16)

Sermon Looking At Life With & Without Jesus (3/13/16)

Lord I Need You By Grace Henderson (3/13/16)

Foundations Class Why? (3/13/16)

Sermon God Is The God Of Multiple 2nd Chances (3/6/16)

Holy Is The Lord By Mary Eagon & Her Father

Foundations Class The Will Of God (3/6/16)

Bible Study Saving A Dying Church

Sermon Do You See Jesus As Paul Did (2/28/16)

Creative Movement Team

Bible Memorization Teams

Foundations Class Enemy Of Revival – Ourself (2/28/16)

Sermon How Much Does God Love Us?

The Cross Said It All By Mr. Thomas Parker

Foundations Class Practicing God’s Presence

Sermon Being A Disciple Of Christ Is Not Cheap

How Can It Be Sang By Keith Wynn

Foundations Class What God Does With Broken People

Sermon The Calmness Of Christ

Sermon On Sanctity Sunday

Foundations Class Sanctity Sunday

Sermon Missionaries David & Angie Outlaw

How Firm A Foundation By Brenda Senseney

Sermon Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

How Great Thou Art By Pastor Dwayne James

Foundations Class Focusing Our Hearts & Lives

Sign Language Team Christmas Special

Christmas Cantata A Breath Of Heaven

Foundations Class Who Is Jesus (12/13/15)

Oakwood FWB Youth Present A Charlie Brown Christmas (12/6/15)

Sermon Why Christ Came (12/6/15)

Bible Study Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Will Provide (11/22/15)

Sermon Nothing Is Too Hard For The Lord (11/22/15)

Foundations Class Speaking Out For God (11/22/15)

Bible Study Is Christ An Addition Or A Focus (11/18/15)

Sermon Serve The Lord WIth Gladness (11/15/15)

Foundations Class God Is Faithful To Us (11/15/15)

Memorial Tribute of Emmanuel Green

Bible Study Glorify God & Not Ourselves (10/28/15)

Sermon Whatever You Do, Glorify God! (10/25/15)

Special Music Kasey Robertson The Time Inbetween

Creative Movement Team Mercy Me (10/25/15)

Smiley Nelson Thanks To Pastors

Foundations Class Be Courageous (10/25/15)

Sermon Reasons That Christians Can Rejoice (10/18/15)

Special Music Mary Eagon I’ll Stand & Savior (10/18/15)

Foundations Class Serving Others & Serving God (10/18/15)

 Guest Speaker Garrett Milliken Are You Sure About God? (10/14/15)

Bible Study Running Our Race Successfully (10/7/15)

Sermon Make It Resolved To Follow Jesus (10/4/15)

The Greatest Of All Miracles By Thomas Parker (10/4/15)

Foundations Class Overcoming Temptation (10/4/15)

Bible Study Who Is On The Throne (9/30/15)

Guest Speaker Jerry Steele Guideons International (9/27/15)

Foundations Class Living A Holy Life (9/27/15)

Bible Study Overcoming A Giant (9/23/15)

Sermon How Do You See Yourself? (9/20/15)

Pastor Dwayne James There Is A Fountain (9/20/15)

Foundations Class Religious But Not Righteous (9/20/15)

Bible Study The Cross Made The Difference For Me (9/16/15)

Annual Church Picnic At Dyers Creek Park (9/13/15)

Baptism Of Jordan Keatts at Dyers Creek Park Picnic (9/13/15)

Sermon “Are You Walking Like Jesus?” (9/13/15)

“Shoulders” By Sign Language Team At Dyers Creek Picnic (9/13/15)

Dyers Creek Park Annual Picnic Opening Songs (9/13/15)

Bible Study A Victorious Faith (9/9/15)

Bible Study Can I Get A Witness? (9/6/15)

Sermon Faith Without Works Is Dead (9/6/15)

Because He Lives By Keith Wynn (9/6/15)

Attributes Of God Series – Justice Of God (9/6/15)

Bible Study Having Peace With God & No Worry! (9/2/15)

Music & More Church Talent (8/30/15)

Sermon How Do I Determine The Depth Of My Dedication? (8/30/15)

Foundations Class Attributes Of God God’s Grace (8/30/15)

Bible Study Why God Gave Us His Word To Follow (8/26/15)

Bible Study Jesus Is Coming Back Soon, Are You Ready Now? (8/23/15)

Baptisms At Oakwood Free Will Baptist Church (8/23/15)

Sermon We Have Reason To Praise The Lord (8/23/15)

How Can It Be By Emily Gilbert (8/23/15)

Foundations Class Attributes Of God – The Mercy Of God 8/23/15

Bible Study Reflecting Jesus In Our Lives (8/19/15)

Bible Study The Ultimate Sacrifice & Love Of Jesus (8/16/15)

Sermon Will You Deny Or Accept Jesus, Live For Him Or Turn Your Back (8/16/15)

Come To Me Sang Live By Dan Wallace (8-16-15)

Congregation Singing Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord (8/16/15)

Foundations Class Attributes Of God – Attributes Of Love (8-16-15)

Bible Study Reflecting Jesus In Our Lives (8/12/15)

Bible Study Points To Recognize False Teachers Of God’s Word (8/9/15)

Sermon The Great Commission God Prepares Us For (8/9/15)

Love Called My Name By Mr. Thomas Parker (8/9/15)

Foundations Class Attributes Of God Pt. 4 God’s Holiness (8/9/15)

Pastor Dwaye James Special Speaker At St. Paul’s AME Church (8/7/15)

Bible Study A Firm Foundation (8/2/15)

Sermon What A Waste (The Prodigal Son) (8/2/15)

Foundations Class The Attributes Of God Pt 3 Omnipresence (8/2/15)

Bible Study Motivation To Follow The Great Commission/Commandment (7/29/15)

Bible Study Goodness & Being Good 7/26/15

Sermon Following Him In This Journey Of Life 7/26/15

Special Music How Great Thou Art By Pastor Dwayne James 7/26/15

Special Music In You Alone By Brenda Senseney 7/26/15

Foundations Class The Attributes Pt. 2 The Omniscience 7/26/15

Bible Study The Mid Year Check Up (7/22/15)

Special Revival Sermon by Garrett Milliken at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church God Is Very Good

Bible Study The Suffering Servant 7/19/15

Sermon As A Matter Of Fact It Is A Matter Of The Heart 7/19/15

The Midnight Cry By Associate Pastor Mr. Eric Sims

Foundations Class Understanding Islam – Why It Matters 7/19/15

Missionary Carlisle Hanna From India

Bible Study Being A Humble Servant (7/12/15)

Sermon Praising God (7/12/15)

Foundations Class The Attributes Of God Pt. 1 Of A Series (7/12/15)

Bible Study Identifying False Teachers (7/8/15)

Bible Study What Does It Take To Have True Happiness? (7/5/15)

Sermon Mr. Randall Wright North American Ministries (7/5/15)

Foundations Class Pt 2 Of Series How Can We Know What God Is Like? (7/5/15)

Fireworks With Oakwood Church Family (7/1/15)

Bible Study One Nation Under God (7/1/15)

Bible Study Faith Under Pressure 6-28-15

Sermon What Do We Do If The Foundations Are Destroyed? 6-28-15

Foundations Class How Can We Know What God Is Like? (Part 1 of 2) 6-28-15

Bible Study (Mr. Max Milliken) What Our Christian Lives Should Be Like (6/24/15)

Sermon The Faith Of Our Father’s Footsteps (6/21/15)

Foundations Class Remember What God’s Done For You (6/21/15)

Bible Study What Does God Expect Of Us (6/17/15)

Bible Study Things To Remember In Life (6/14/15)

Sermon Lessons Learned From Life Of Samson (6/14/15)

Foundations Class Know and Live The Truth (6/14/15)

Bible Study Are You Where God Wants You To Be? (6/10/15)

Bible Study Walking With God & For God 6/7/15

Sermon Jesus Is The Living Stone To Build Upon 6/7/15

Foundations Class Being Founded In Your Faith 6/7/15

Thailand Trek Slide Show Finale (6/4/15)

Thailand Trek Finale (6/4/15)

Thailand Trek Behind The Scenes Night Four (6/3/15)

Night Four Thailand Trek (6/3/15)

Thailand Trek Night Three (6/2/15)

Night Two Of Thailand Trek (VBS) 6/1/15)

Live Shots From First Night Thailand Trek

First Night Of Thailand Trek VBS (5/31/15)

Sermon All Because Of God’s Grace (5/31/15)

Look For Me At Jesus’s Feet By Thomas Parker (5/31/15)

Foundations Class Lesson On The Disciples (5/31/!5)

Bible Study Running The Race Successfully (5/27/15)

Bible Study What It Takes To Build A Church (5/24/15)

Sermon on Something To Remember (5/24/15)

Foundations Class I Will Not Leave You Comfortless (5/24/15)

Bible Study On Spiritual Immaturity (5/20/15)

Sign Language Team Performance At Ladies Luncheon (5/16/15)

Bible Study On Justification Through Jesus (5/17/15)

Sermon Practicing The Presence Of The Lord (5/17/15)

Foundations Class The Meaning Of Christophany (5/17/15)

Sermon Traits Of A Godly Woman (5/10/15)

Foundations Class Who Jesus Is (5/10/15)

Bible Study Serving The Lord (5/6/15)

Bible Study Progressive Sanctification (5/3/15)

Sermon The Truth Of God’s Word (5/3/15)

Foundations Class Grounded In The Truth Of God (5/3/15)

Bible Study If we abide in Jesus, He will bear fruit in us (4/29/15)

Bible Study Joy Is All About Jesus (4/26/15)

Sermon Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough! (4/26/15)

Foundations Class Are You Really A Servant Of Jesus Christ? (4/26/15)

Bible Study Garrett Milliken What Makes God’s Love Special (4/22/15)

Bible Study Eric Sims Hebrew Marriage & Jesus as Groom, Bride is Church (4/19/15)

Sermon By Brother Garrett Milliken God’s Call In Our Lives (4/19/15)

Friend Of God with Narration by Eric Sims (4/19/15)

Foundations Class Eric Miller The Holiness Of God (4/19/15)

Bible Study Where Are You Right Now? (4/12/15)

Sermon God Has A Plan For Us (4/12/15)

Foundations Class The Best Ability Is Availability To God (4/12/15)

Bible Study Guest Speaker Mr. Max Milliken (4/8/15)

Easter Cantata It Is Finished by Church Choir on 4/5/15

Foundations Class The Easter Story (4/5/15)

Brother Garrett Milliken Guest Speaker at Communion Service (4/1/15)

Palm Sunday Sermon “I Will Glory In The Cross” (3/29/15)

James Family Trio Sings Glorious Day (3/29/15)

Congregation Singing Precious Lamb Of Glory (3/29/15)

Congregation Singing All Healing Jesus (3/29/15)

Younger Youth Give Presentation of Palm Sunday (3/29/15)

Revival Sermon The Rapture Of The Church Part 3 Brother Cecil Boswell (3/25/15)

What A Day That Will Be Sang By The Congregation (3/25/15)

When We All Get To Heaven Sang By The Congregation (3/25/15)

Revival Sermon Proof Of The Love Of God Brother Cecil Boswell (3/24/15)

Consider The Lillies Sang By Thomas Parker (3/24/15)

Revival Sermon Brother Cecil Boswell (Guest Speaker) The Rapture Of The Church Pt. # 2 (3/23/15)

Hymn Medley With Narration By Eric Sims (3/23/15)

Revival Sermon Guest Speaker Brother Cecil Boswell The Rapture Of The Church (3/22/15)

Sermon Guest Speaker Brother Cecil Boswell End Times & The Rapture (3/22/15)

Love Is Why Sang By Thomas Parker (3/22/15)


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